Fahrenheit Fact no. 16: All embassies have Secret Service protection

NARRATOR: Even though we were nowhere near the White House, for some reason the Secret Service had shown up to ask us what we were doing standing across the street from the Saudi embassy. MICHAEL MOORE: We're not here to cause any trouble or anything. Uh, ya know, is that... OFFICER: That's fine. Just wanted to get some information on what was going on. MICHAEL MOORE: Yeah yeah yeah, I didn't realize the Secret Service guards foreign embassies. OFFICER: Uh, not usually, no sir.
(Emphasis mine) But the agent was wrong- Moore does not mention this. He allows us to believe that only the Saudi Embassy has secret service protection, which is untrue. For example, the Secret Service has this to say:
After several name revisions, the force officially adopted its current name, the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division in 1977. While protection of the White House Complex remains its primary mission, the Uniformed Division's responsibilities have expanded greatly over the years. They now protect the following: * the White House Complex, the Main Treasury Building and Annex, and other Presidential offices; * the President and members of the immediate family; * the temporary official residence of the Vice President in the District of Columbia; * the Vice President and members of the immediate family; and * foreign diplomatic missions in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and throughout the United States, and its territories and possessions, as prescribed by statute.
Emphasis mine.